SMDI Team at the 2016 WAPA Rally


Steel Market Development Institute Luncheon 9.20.18

Dr. Jody Hall of the Steel Market Development Institute speaks to WAPA members at the 2016 WAPA Rally.

Dr. Jody Hall of the Steel Market Development Institute speaks to WAPA members at the 2016 WAPA Rally.

Do you know what material provides enhanced performance, value, and sustainability?

The answer is advanced high-strength steel (AHSS). With an increasing focus on materials used to design and engineer vehicles, as well as increased fuel economy regulations, there is more demand for high-performance materials.

Join Dr. Jody Hall, vice president of the automotive market for the Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI), a business unit of the American Iron and Steel Institute, will be speaking again this year on behalf of SMDI. The presentation focuses on the results of two recent studies that SMDI commissioned – one being a consumer survey of roughly 4,000 consumers and their preferences / what they look for in a car, truck or SUV. A similar study was done in 2013 when the industry was in a time of change and this study was done to replicate that study, adding sedan owners this time, and see if and how consumer opinions have shifted. The second study was conducted by Ducker Worldwide and examined steel’s forecasted growth in the industry and how it has differed from the originally projected growth forecast in 2015. We will also loop in some information about the Life Cycle Assessment study done in 2017 about the environmental impact of steel and competing materials on the environment.

NOTE: Unfortunately, SMDI is not able to discuss the recent tariffs, this is a topic that their parent company, the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) handles. There may be a few individuals onsite at the luncheon from AISI so pending their attendance they may be able to address a few questions during the Q&A after Jody’s presentation.

The WAPA September 20, 2018 luncheon will be held at the Newseum.  This will be a chance to learn more about the advancements in the various grades of steel, the application of steel in the vehicle structure and how it helps aid in occupant protection in the event of a crash and is easier to repair than vehicles made with alternative materials.

Registration for the SMDI Lunch with WAPA will be live very soon.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Thursday, September 20 at the Newseum to learn more about steel in the automotive industry.