Time To Renew Your WAPA Membership

We invite you to renew your membership in WAPA.

Washington Automotive Press Association Membership Renewal.

WAPA is preparing for 2018 and looking forward to having you as a member, so you may connect with fellow industry professionals helping grow and expand the work you do.

In 2017 members got to drive the latest from Audi, Jeep, Hyundai, and Volkswagen, as well as learn more about high strength steel from SMDI, find out Consumer Report’s Top picks, and Ford products at our monthly meetings. Members got to network with representatives from the auto manufactures at the Gala, then again at the WAPA Fall Rally with the opportunity to drive more than fifty vehicles from thirty-three automotive brands.

And now 2018 is already shaping up with many new events and plenty of brand interaction for our members, be it at the 2018 Washington Auto Show in January, the WAPA Gala on March 15th, or any one of the other events that are being planned for throughout the year.

Do not miss out! Click below to renew for 2018, WAPA membership fees continue at the same rate as they have been. Though on the First of February they will increase. Renew now so as not lose the benefits of WAPA membership. (Members who joined in the last quarter of 2017, will be automatically renewed for 2018.)

Click here to continue your WAPA Membership

Please renew your membership now, and please update your information including your social media information, so that we can include the most recent contact information for you in our 2018 WAPA Membership Directory to be published in the Spring.

Note: We understand some organizations have fiscal year financial timeframes, please let us know if you need to be billed at a specific time for membership or if you would like a single billing for the members in your organization.

If you have any questions, please contact us: Colin Aylesworth 202.955.2161
or William West Hopper,  202.365.0672

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