WAPA Membership

Want to Join WAPA?

WAPA members are industry professionals, who make their living within the automotive space.

Media members who report, create and produce content relating to the world of transportation.  Professional influencers and bloggers who post automotive content. Those who work in federal policy and shape the regulations that affect the industry. Automotive public relations professionals who get the word out about new products and services from the automobile and aftermarket industry.

WAPA focuses on the Mid-Atlantic region, connecting members with the industry to be able to spread news and information, while members come from all over the USA, a majority of them can be found in the Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD area. WAPA has membership levels for working media, industry professionals, retired, student and provides an out of area membership for those members interested in connecting to the industry through WAPA. WAPA is not an automotive enthusiast organization.

If you feel you qualify for WAPA Membership, please apply to become a member.